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About Paul Cooper

Cooper-1-modPaul Cooper has over 32 years of law enforcement experience.  He began his career in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer.  Throughout his career he excelled in the area of firearms.  He has over 25 years as a certified Fire Arms/Use of Force Instructor.  For 20 years he was a member of the North East Massachusetts Law Enforcement Counsel (NEMLEC) SWAT Team.  He held the position of Sniper and Team Commander throughout his career with the team.  In addition to his fire arms experience, Paul has spent over 25 years as an instructor for the Municipal Police Training Committee.  Paul continues teaching today.

Courses will be taught by a certified MPTC Instructor.  Throughout this course you will learn the basics of safe firearms handling, as required by federal and mass law.  In addition, practical shooting techniques will be explained and demonstrated.  If you successfully pass this 4 hour course you will receive the Mass State Police Basic Pistol Safety Certificate (LTC-001) required to apply for a resident and non-resident license to carry a firearm in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Come learn what you need to obtain your LTC.

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